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NoteServe Contract Servicing System

NoteServe™ is a comprehensive contract collection system designed to give you unprecedented flexibility and true user-friendly functionality. NoteServe can be used for contract payment processing including Real Estate and Land contracts, Mortgages, Installment and Promissory Notes, Personal Loans and Seller-Carry Backs. It is normally used by a third party processor that collects payments from payers/buyers and disburses funds to payees/sellers.


The NoteServe Contract Servicing Software is multi-Company. Once a Company is entered or selected, all of the other screens in the system have information or functions relating to that company.

The system can handle multiple institutions, clients or branches.


Automatic Charges and Automatic Deposits

There is an interface with the WorldSharp ACH Preparation System which allows Payers to be coded to automatically have their checking or savings account debited for the payment. Payees can be coded to have disbursements automatically deposited to their checking or savings accounts.


Impound (reserve) accounting includes escrow analysis.

Impound or reserve accounts are maintained by contract and payments will autmatically fund those accounts based on the contract settings. Disbursements can then be made for taxes and insurance at the appropriate time.



Import county tax bills and export files required when paying taxes.

The system will import and export files in the county required format for requesting bills, importing billing information and paying taxes.



Powerful Tickler System

The tickler system allows operator to enter account reminders that just notify or ticklers that perform functions on accounts such changing an interest rate or sending an email or letter. If a tickler is coded as an 'Payment Alert', the tickler will pop up for the operator when a payment is being posted on that contract.

Tickers can be coded to repeat in a certain number of months.