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WorldSharp Safe Deposit Billing System

This safe deposit billing system may be used to keep track of safe deposit boxes and customers making payments to rent those boxes.

Record Customer Information about each Renter

This safe deposit software has fields to store information about the customer and the safe deposit box.



Each Access to a box can be recorded

This safe deposit software has fields to store information about the customer and the safe deposit box. Authorized persons can be recorded for each box.



Payment History is stored for each Box

Information about each payment is stored in the appropriate box record.




User Defined Billing and Automatic Charge Notices

The billing and automatic charge notices are designed using a powerful WYSIWYG specification module. The notices may be printed for boxes coming due during a specified date range. Billing cycle may be month, quarter, semi-annual or annual.


Customer Waiting List

The names and addresses of customers who wish to have a box when a particular size becomes available are kept in a customer waiting list. When a box becomes available, the user can specify the box number and all the information is automatically transferred without re-typing.



Automatic Charges (ACH)

The system provides the capability to produce automatic charges to checking or savings accounts. The list of automatic charge transactions may be printed and the transactions may be edited before posting. Advance notices of upcoming charges may be printed. Actual automatic charge forms may be printed. The format of both the advance notice and charge notices may be defined by the user. The user may use preprinted or blank forms. The system has the capability to create a NACHA (national automated clearing house) file to be uploaded or transmitted.

Past Due Notices, Drill Notices and Drill Management

The system supports three past due notices and a drill notice. User may specify number of days past due required for each type of notice. A report showing past due payments is available to assist the user in collecting or closing the boxes. Some tools are available to assist the user with 'Drill Management'. Drill Notices may be printed. The boxes may be flagged 'to be drilled'. A report of boxes to be drilled may be produced. When the box is drilled, the occurrence can be recorded along with information about the contents and where it is stored.

Automatic Price Adjustment

The utilities screen has the functions to automatically adjust prices.




Extensive Reports
  • Alphabetic List of Customers
  • Audit Report
  • Available Boxes
  • Box Status, Activity and Statistics
  • Customers Selected By Customer Type
  • Customers Waiting
  • Obituary List
  • Occupancy Report
  • Safe Deposit Box Lists
  • Table Of Location Codes