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WorldSharp Stockholder Accounting System

This stock transfer software may be used to handle the certificate transfers, dividend and interest calculation, printing of certificates, checks, and 1099's. Maintains comprehensive accounting records by holder and certificate.

Multiple Issues

This is the main screen of the WorldSharp Stockholder System. The grid shows a line for each stock issue. If there are more that one issue, the issue may be selected by clicking on it in the grid and navigating to it using the navigation bar.

One the correct stock issue is entered or selected, all other tabs of the system will be displaying information for that selected issue.

Stockholder Detail

Information on each stockholder is placed on the screen displayed by the Holders tab. The system allows searching for stockholders alphabetically, by stockholder number or by the Tax ID number. All the certificates for each stockholder will be shown at the bottom of the screen. Double clicking on a certificate will take you directly to that certificate in the Certificates tab. A history of disbursements is also available in the Disbursements section at the bottom.

On Line Balancing

While adding, canceling or displaying certificates, a continuous display of the number of active shares or dollars is maintained. As certificates are canceled and new certificates are issued, the system will display the number of shares out-of-balance.




Calculations (Dividend or Interest)

Some of the calculations performed by the system include interest, cash dividend, stock dividend, stock splits, reverse splits, OID calculation and dividend re-investments. A specified amount may be spread to all active holders in proportion to their holdings. The system can handle long or short interest periods. For securities or bonds with dividends or interest payments that are taxable, the system calculates backup withholding when required.

Integral or Fractional Shares

User may specify the number of decimal places (0 to 6) to be used for fractional shares.

Extensive Disbursement Capabilities

Dividend disbursements may be checks, ACH transactions (direct deposit), Depository transfers or Wire Transfers. The items can printed or exported to WorldSharp Check Reconcilation System, WorldSharp Depository Transfer System or WorldSharp ACH Systems. They may also be exported to files or spreadsheets for further processing or reporting.

Comprehensive Check Printing Capabilities

It is not necessary to buy special checks when using this system. Existing checks may be used since this system allows each user to specify the printing format and the location of the various fields to be printed. This printing format may be changed whenever desired. Amounts may be printed in words making the use of check protection unnecessary. Logos, MICR characters, and signature facsimiles can be printed on checks, allowing complete check printing on blank check stock.

Print Certificates

The System facilitates the printing of certificates in accordance with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) specifications. Each user may specify the printing format to produce a certificate which is customized to their existing forms. The required "amount matrix" and "asterisk fill" is embodied within this system to ensure the security and integrity of all "quantity" fields on the certificate. Logos and signature facsimiles may be printed.

Alternate Addresses

The system allows for the use of an alternate address in the printing of dividend or interest checks in the event the check is to be sent to other than the registered holder. There is also an alternate address for 1099 reporting.