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WorldSharp ACH Preparation System

The WorldSharp™ ACH Item Preparation System provides an excellent means to prepare files in the standard ACH (Automated Clearing House - NACHA) format. It may be used to prepare automatic deposits (credits) or payments (debits). It may also be used to prepare prenotes (pre-notification entries).

Data Entry Ease

This system is designed with data entry ease in mind. The system is particular useful for applications where the same accounts are used for transactions in subsequent weeks or months. For example, if a transaction is to be created, the operator locates that account by some control number (employee number or account number) or by a partial alpha key. The cursor will be resting on the amount that was used last time for this account. If this transaction is to use that amount, the operator simply presses the enter key. If the amount is different, the operator enters the new amount. Transaction descriptions work the same way. In this way transactions are entered with a minimum number of keystrokes. When all of the fields represent the way the new transaction should look, the operator presses the 'Create Transaction' button.

Automatic Cycles

An account can be assigned a cycle number. For example, a weekly employee might be assigned cycle 1 and a monthly employee assigned cycle 5. Then the transactions for the appropriate cycle can be created automatically based on the cycle number.

Distribute to Customers

The system can be used by bank customers. When customer CD's are purchased by the 5-pack, they are only $30.00 each. No annual maintenance fees are necessary for the customers. The bank must have a regular system for themselves and must pay the annual maintenance for that system.

The CD's will be personalized for the bank with the bank's name and can only create NACHA files according to the bank's Origin and Destination specifications. That keeps the customer from using the system to create NACHA files and sending them to another bank.

Create Standard NACHA File

When initially setting up the system, the specifications can be entered to create the NACHA file for the appropriate origin and destination of the file.



Import from WorldSharp Software

The system can be interfaced with the WorldSharp software systems that create ach items. Those may then be automatically created in the ACH system.



Import from Spreadsheets or other files

The transactions can be import from comma delimited files or spreadsheets.





When an account is displayed, the last few transactions for that account are shown on the screen. This is particularly useful for applications such as mail teller where the new deposit has a high probability of being the same amount and description as the most recent deposit. In these cases, the operator locates the account using the navigation bar. The amount can be changed if necessar and then the transaction can be created.