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WorldSharp ACH Preparation System


Main Screen - Company Information

This is the main screen of the WorldSharp Ach Preparation System. It has tabs across the top and some of the tabs have additional tabs under them.

This is the screen to enter the company information. The grid will have a row for each company. Once the company is entered or selected, all other screens will have information for that company. In many cases, there will be only one company record.


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ACH Item Specifications

This screen contains details about the type of items to be processed. If an offset (for debits or credits) is required, those offsets can be specified on this screen.

Even if all of the items are entered and not specified as pre-notes, a file with all of those items coded as pre-notes can be created. The indicator to cause this to happen is on this screen.






ACH File Specifications

This screen allows the operator to enter the information for the parameters required for the NACHA format.

Normally, the immediate destination of the file (your bank or the Federal Reserve) can tell what needs to be in some of the fields.







ACH File Specifications - Help

While on the 'File Specifications' screen, click on the field description and the system will pop-up the requirements for that field.









ACH Import

The 'Import' screen is used to specify the parameters required to describe a file to import that has items to process.

There is also a button to press to initiate the importing.







ACH Export

The 'Export' screen is used to specify the parameters for a user-defined file for exporting items. Important - this is not the creation of the NACHA formatted file. It is used if there needs to be a file containing the items for some other purpose.








ACH Accounts

The 'Accounts' screen provides fields for information about the recipient of the ACH item. If used for payroll deposits, accounts can be given a cycle number. Then, ACH transactions can be created for Accounts that have a specific cycle number. There is a default amount which can be used for accounts that need an ACH item for same amount each time.

This screen also shows the current transactions and history transactions for the account record being displayed.




ACH Items - Current

The 'ACH Items/Current Items' screen shows each record that is ready to be included in the NACHA file to be created. When the printer button is pressed, the report of the items with totals shows on the screen for balancing purposes. It then may be sent to a printer.








ACH Items - History

The 'ACH Items/History Items' screen show the items that have been moved to history since the history items were cleared.









ACH Processing

The 'Processing' screen has buttons for the processing functions. The most important of these is the 'Create ACH File'. When the parameters are all set and the items have been created and balanced, then this function creates the file ready for transmission to the IT department, your bank or the Federal Reserve.